Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
10.Formerly Engineering Faculty’s Machine & Electrical Engineering Lecture Rooms at Tohoku Imperial University

工学部機械学及び電気学教室 工学部機械学及び電気学教室 工学部機械学及び電気学教室 工学部機械学及び電気学教室

Years : 1930 (Showa 5)
Structure : Reinforced concrete Three-storey building with One partial basement floor
Building area : 1,662sqm
Registration year : 2021

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This architecture was built instead of the old Engineering Faculty's Machine & Electrical Engineering Lecture Rooms that was destroyed by fire in 1926 (Taisho 15). 

The facade is facing to north with projecting arched granite entrance and arch windows. The facade was originaly tiling and plaster, now it is covered by spray painting.

This L shape plan has middle corridor in main area and side corridor in east side. Originally, there were faculty rooms, lecture rooms and laboratories along corridors. Famouse resercher Syuji Yagi and Otogoro Miyagi had their rooms on the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor, there was Machine & Electrical Engineering's administration office. Also there was Engineering Faculty's administration office, so this building was called "Engineering Faculty's Main Building".
The entrance hall has rich space with marble stairs. On the projecting entrance, meeting roon on 2nd floor and students room on 3rd floor was arranged. These are making an accent and stately impression on the symmetry facade.

1F Plan
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2F Plan
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3F Plan
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After the moving of School of Engineering to Aobayama campus from 1964 (Showa 39), this building was used by Research institute for Mineral Dressing and Metallurgy, Institute for Advanced Materials Processing. Now Institute of Multidisciplinsry Research for Advanced Material uses as a research building. Some big renovation was done (changed from big lecture theater to laboratory, from iron windows to alminium sash, etc.). However, entrance hall and stairs remain from the time when the building was first built.

This is an important architecture showing the history of Engineering Faculty of Tohoku Imperial University and the symmetry facade shows an example of architectural style in those days.