Tohoku University Campus Guide

Katahira Campus

  • History
  • Extentional Education
  • Campus as a Park
  • Katahira Campus

    Kawauchi Campus

  • Harmony with Nature, Culture, History
  • Campus as sPark
  • Improvement of Amenity
  • Kawauchi Campus

    Aobayama Campus

  • Creation of New Dicipline
  • Industry-Government- Academia collaboration
  • Revitalization of the regional economy
  • Aobayama Campus

    Aobayama New Campus

  • Environmental-Harmony-Campus
  • Campus for Exchange
  • Pedestrian Oriented Campus
  • Aobayama New Campus

    Seiryo Campus

  • Construction of New Health Care System
  • Advanced Information Technology
  • Gentle Environment to the Patient
  • Seiryo Campus

    Registered tangible cultural property

  • Sendai Medical College
  • Second Senior High School
  • Tohoku Imperial University
  • Registered tangible cultural property

    Triangle Vision

     Tohoku University leaps forward with the Centenary Anniversary Events as its spring board and aims to "Nurture human resources capable of leadership " with "Research First " Principle and "Open -Door" Policy; providing functionality, comfort, history, culture and internationalism for creating suitable campus environment for succession as a creator of knowledge and transmitter of knowledge.
    The main campus is reorganized and maintained in three places (Aobayama-Kawauchi, Katahira snd Seiryo); and the Aobayama New Campus is developed to adjoin the Aobayama-Kawauchi Campus.

    Triangle Vision

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    Collaborate with City Development

    Tohoku University, the core of the "Academic City" Sendai, reorganized the main campus into the Aobayama-Kawauchi, Katahira, and Seiryo Campuses. The three campuses now create the Academic-Cultural-Core of Sendai for the new era.
    The vast open space (riverside of Hirose River, Nishi Park, Site of Sendai Castle, Aobayama Park, and Botanical Gardens) like that of New Central Park in Sendai, exists as contact points between the Commercial Business Core of Central Sendai and three main campuses.
    The campus included in the vast open space symbol of "City of Trees" Sendai ties the green and city creating a new symbol as "Academic City" Sendai.

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    History of Tohoku University Campus

     You can view "History of the Tohoku University Campus from the establishment in 1907" from HERE.


    Campus Bus : Campus Bus is the free shuttle and runs Katahira campus - Kawauchi Campus - Aobayama Campus and Seiryo Campus - Kawauchi Campus - Aobayama Campus.
    Aobayama Shuttle Bus : Aobayama Shuttle Bus service, departing from Aobayama Station and stopping at points around Aobayama Campus.
    Community Cycle DATE BIKE (Bicycle Sharing) : DATE BIKE is community cycle in Sendai city. Katahira campus and Seiryo Campus have the docking port.
    Transportation Bureau City of Sendai : You can get the information about bus and subway.

    Pamphlets and others

    Pamphlets : You can view pamphlets about campus plan.
    Tohoku University Virtual Backgrounds : You can use the photos for online system.