Aobayama New Campus
Master Plan

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The Master Plan : its Role and Objectives

The Aobayama New Campus is based and designed upon four ideas "Collaborate with City Development", "Coexist in Harmony with the Natural Environment", "Open Doors with a hand extended to the Community", and "An Integrated Organically Established Campus" described in the "Aobayama New Campus Fundamental Plan of March, 2002."

Based upon these four ideas, the Aobayama Master Plan implements the most effective usage of its rich and valued natural environment, and materializes the framework of effective use on the limited developable land. Space image and transportation planning, etc. show the high standard of the New Campus Development.

Succession of the Master Plan

The Aobayama Campus region is a selected and preserved area near the central area of Sendai. It is rich in natural environment and for a long time, has been a symbol familiar to its citizens as "City of Trees, Sendai." The Aobayama Master Plan builds its foundation in harmony with the landscape, retaining the natural beauty of its environment which is cherished as a treasure among its citizens.

To maintain the current environment conditions for the Aobayama New Campus, the following major points are observed.

  • Preserve a University Park, a centrally located green land area, for future generations as a symbol of the Environmental-Harmony-Campus.
  • Maintain an image of a campus in natural surroundings by preserving open spaces and restrict constructions to only the developable areas.
  • Appropriate the height and space between buildings in the developable areas.

  • Although these major points are being carefully observed, in the future, the Master Plan will be review the overall Academic Plan and make necessary adjustments accordingly.