Aobayama New Campus
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University Park

The University Park is very large open space around the center of the campus. It includes a hill having a gorge covered deeply by a tree and a splendid view spreading far. So like historic resources and open space, it creates one of the important charm of new campus.

J 41 Aobayama Commons

This building includes Agricultural library, lecture halls, learning commons, shop, cafeteria.
Everyone can do many kinds of activities among the green in this building.
( Campus Map J 41 )

J 12 Aobayama Midori Welfare Facilities

This building is an walfare facility faced to the Campus Mall near Aobayama station.
On the first floor, there are convinience store "LOWSON", cafe "Buddy's Table", on the second floor, there are noodle shop "Kotaro", halal food shop "UNIV. COOP Lunch Box & HALAL", and Campus life Support Plaza. And on the third and fourth floor, there is "Aobayama Midori Nursery School".
Also, everyone use the lounge on first floor for meeting, having break, eating and drinking with nice view of Campus Mall and University Park.
( Campus Map J 12 )

"TAMAKI-san salon" is a Sendai city environmental study room located on the first floor of J 22 Graduate School of Environmental Studies Building that faced to the Campus Mall.
Every one can experience various salon lectures and display to learn about natural science and engineering, history, folklore, food culture and a relation with the environment
( Campus Map J 22 1F )



Light Green : monument Green : preservation tree, memorial tree Purple : museum, exhibition space Blue : shop, service Pink : cafeteria, restaurant