Aobayama Campus

The Aobayama Campus include the Aobayama New Campus work on the "Creation of New Academic Fields" and "Contribution to regional industries by strengthening Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration."
Moreover, the campus aims for an "Environmental-Harmony-Campus" and considers the preservation of natural environment in Aobayama which symbolize of the "City of Trees" Sendai.

Open to the Public

  • Exhibition Space
  • Welfare Facilities
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    Green Campus

  • Open Space
  • Center Square
  • Row of Zelkovas
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    Master Plan

  • Open Space Plan
  • Facility Plan
  • Traffic Plan
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  • Buried Cultural Properties
  • Change of Aobayama
  • History of Campus
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    Movies and Pictures of Aobayama Campus

    Aobayama Campus from drone : You can see the movie of Aobayama Campus.