Kawauchi Campus

The Kawauchi Campus works on "Creation of the place for the freshmen and sophomore education".
Moreover, the campus aims for the harmony with culture, history and natural environments continue from the Hirose River to Aobayama, symbol of "City of Trees" Sendai.

Open to the Public

  • Public facilities
  • Welfare facilities
  • Public

    Invaluable Nature of Sendai

  • Natural Monument 'Aobayama'
  • Kawauchi Plaza
  • Open Space
  • green

    Master Plan

  • Open Space Plan
  • Facility Plan
  • Traffic Plan
  • MP


  • Ancient and Medieval Times
  • Ninomaru of Sendai Castle
  • Camp Sendai
  • History

    Movies and Pictures of Kawauchi Campus

    Kawauchi Campus from drone:You can see the movie of Kawauchi Campus.