Triangle Vision

 Tohoku University leaps further with the 100th anniversary, aims at 'Nurture human resources capable of leadership', 'Research First' principle, and 'Open-Door' policy, provides with the functionality, comfort, history, culture and internationalism, and creates a suitable campus environment for succession of creator of knowledge and transmitter of knowledge. Therefore, the main campus is reorganized and maintained into three places (Aobayama-Kawauchi, Katahira and Seiryou). And the Aobayama New Campus adjoining Aobayama-Kawauchi Campus will be developed.

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Triagnle Vision

Green Campus
Urban Campus
Medical Campus
The Aobayama-Kawauchi Campus includes the Aobayama New Campus work on the "Creation of New Academic Fields " and "Contribution to regional industries by strengthening Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration" (Development of a Science Park etc.) by the synergy effect caused by the integration of the Schools and Research Institutions. Moreover, the campus aims for an "Environmental-Harmony-Campus" and considers the preservation of natural environment in Aobayama which symbolize of the "City of Trees" Sendai. The Katahira Campus located in the central Sendai makes the best use of convenience to increase the extension course of Law Schools and so on, and is opened to the public for the citizens' exchange. Moreover, the identity of the Tohoku University Birthplace is succeeded, and the international research base in material related field is constructed. This campus aims to enhance as a center base for medical reformation and treatment in the 21st century.

History of Tohoku University Campus

You can view "History of the Tohoku University Campus from the establishment in 1907" from the following link.

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Collaborate with City Development

Collaborate with City Development

Tohoku University, the core of the "Academic City" Sendai, reorganized the main campus into the Aobayama-Kawauchi, Katahira, and Seiryo Campuses. The three campuses now create the Academic-Cultural-Core of Sendai for the new era.

The vast open space (riverside of Hirose River, Nishi Park, Site of Sendai Castle, Aobayama Park, and Botanical Gardens) like that of New Central Park in Sendai, exists as contact points between the Commercial Business Core of Central Sendai and three main campuses.

The campus included in the vast open space symbol of "City of Trees" Sendai ties the green and city creating a new symbol as "Academic City" Sendai.