Triagnle Vision

  • Aobayama-Kawauchi Green Campus
  • Katahira Urban Campus
  • Seiryou Medical Campus

Katahira Urban Campus

The Katahira Campus, located in central Sendai, makes the best use of its convenience thus increasing opportunities for the extension courses of Law School, etc. and is widely open to the public for citizen exchange. Moreover, its identity as the birthplace of Tohoku University and renowned success is with the construction of its international research base in material related fields.

Campus Photo

1.Main Gate
This gate of granite was constructed in 1925.
This gate is located on the west side of Katahira Campus.It is said the reason why this gate open by the different direction from the center of the town is that it's conscious of Sendai castle.

Present Location and Transition

Campus Map

The Katahira Campus, the original site of the Tohoku Imperial University, was founded in 1907; and as the main campus, it concentrated in many faculties and institutions up to about 1965.
Since the Department of Engineering and others moved out to the Aobayama and Kawauchi Campus; the Institute for Materials Research, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, and others within the campus have been improved in global excellence as the Administrative Center of the university.
The Department of Science, the Chemistry Rooms of Tohoku Imperial University (built in 1927), was reconstructed recently as the University Headquarters Building, and the Department of Engineering, the Material Engineering Rooms of Tohoku Imperial University (built in 1924) , was reconstructed recently as the WPI-AIMR Main Building.
In addition, the North Gate (the main entrance of Katahira Campus) was reformed as "open-door" campus. 

Early Architectures

Modern Architectures Map

Only few numbers of Early Architectures remain due to war damage in the city, about 20 buildings, half of which are concentrated in the Katahira Campus. Buildings which are wooden, bricked with scratched tile, form the roundness, and soft impression of the orderly pillars with immense impression, etc. Today, the Early Architecture gives way to images of those various eras.
When you set foot on campus, you are surrounded by this unique atmosphere, and begin to experience the "Academic City" Sendai which is produced by this architecture.
Civic groups are positively acting to use, leave and preserve this Early Architecture for the next generation. And after many events, activities and evaluations, the "9th Cityscape Grand Prize" of Sendai City was awarded to Katahira Campus in 2004, and "Toshi Keikan Taisyo Tokubetsu syo 2017" (Urban townscape prize) was awarded to Katahira Campus in 2017 for its Rich Green and Early Architecture.
Adding these prize, The 5 Early Architectures in Katahira Campus were registered with the registration tangible cultural property (building) in 2017.