Triagnle Vision

  • Aobayama-Kawauchi Green Campus
  • Katahira Urban Campus
  • Seiryou Medical Campus

Seiryo Medical Campus

The Seiryo Campus advances its maintenance, based upon “Construction of New Health Care System,” “A Gentle Environment to the Patient,” “Hospital Opened to the Region” and “Advanced Information Technology” and the alike, and aims at becoming the Center Base of Medical Treatment Reformation for the 21st century.

Campus Photo

1.Entrance of Tohoku University Hospital
It is located on the north end of Nishikoen-dori Avenue.

Present Location and Transition

Campus Map

In its history, establishment of the College of Medicine started in 1915, at the campus of Tohoku Imperial University. Although the Prefectural Miyagi Hospital is the antecedent of the University Hospital, it existed and had already been maintained since 1911.
The Graduate School and School of Medicine; the Graduate School and School of Dentistry; the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer; the University Hospital and Medical Library, etc. makes up and establishes the campus as the Base and Center for Community Health-Care.
Recently built facilities are: Tohoku Medical Megabank Building in 2013, New Operation and Medical Check Building (Under Construction).