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[Katahira Campus]12 Nov.: Autumn Tree Tour in Katahira Campus


In Katahira Campus, there are lots of historical tree, and some of them are preserved trees of Sendai city.

This tour introduce historical backbone and characteristic of these trees.

Date & Time: 12th November, 10:00 - 11:30 am or 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Place: Katahira Campus

#Tohoku University Administration Building 7 (Metasequoia, Sycamore, tulip poplar)
#Former biology classroom tree garden (Japanese cedar of Hans Molisch)
#Institute for Material Research (Japanese black pine)
#North Gate (Row of Metasequoia trees)

Capacity: Each times 20people (in the case of a lot of applications, We draw lots)
Application deadline:2nd November

For Application: postcard/e-mail or Google Form

1) zip code, address
2) name
3) phone number
4)preferred time
5)write [Autumn Tree Tour in Katahira Campus application]片平キャンパス秋の樹木ツアー応募」と

〒980-8577 仙台市青葉区片平2-1-1 東北大学総務企画部総務課総務第二係 宛
e-mail:gen-som2*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (change*to@)

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Autumn Tree Tour in Katahira Campus

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